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How to order the Fake Id cards in legit

In order to purchase your fake ID card from the legit site is very easy where they will not be following much secure system and many of the online site and companies are functioning in the area of creating the fake ID cards but the legit company is found to be the best one. The legit charges different amount of money according to the quantity of the fake ID cards the user request and following the price table from - Scannable Fake IDs - New Templates! .

  1. If the user needs 1 to 3 ID cards then $125 rupees is charges for Per ID
  2. If the user needs 3 to 5 ID’s then $100 Per ID is charged
  3. Likewise for 5 to 10 ID’s $80, 10 to 15 - $70, 20 to 30 IDs - $60 and for 30+ ID cards - $50 Per ID are charged.

They also charge the $75 USD additionally to the total price in the case of express shipping for example the total for 4 IDs will be of 400 and with the express shipping then you have to pay 475 rupees of amount.

After deciding the number of Fake ID card quantity then you need to click on the one of the payment mode methods and it will be taking you to the instruction page for the particular payment method. Within that instruction page you have to make the order for the fake ID card just by clicking the button or link and this link will forward you to the payment method where you have to pay the amount and providing the details about the delivery address for delivering your fake ID card.